The constitution of the Peel Students Presidents’ Council clarifies the organization’s name, mission, goals and composition. For the organizations operating procedure, refer to the by-laws.


1.1 The name of this organization is The Peel Student Presidents’ Council herein referred to as The P.S.P.C.


2.1 The P.S.P.C. works in affiliation with the Peel District School Board (P.D.S.B.) to achieve the following objectives:

 a) To consult with, represent and provide a voice for all P.D.S.B. secondary school students.

b) To work to address issues faced by P.D.S.B. secondary students.

c) To work collaboratively with the P.D.S.B.’s Student Trustees to advocate on behalf of students, and student governments in the P.D.S.B.

d) To provide P.D.S.B. students with networking, skill-building and leadership opportunities in secondary schools.

2.2 The P.S.P.C. shall abide by its by-laws in order to ensure consistency and equity in carrying out its mission.


3.1 The operating language of The P.S.P.C. shall be English.


4.1 All secondary school students in the P.D.S.B. are considered to be general members of The P.S.P.C. general assembly.


5.1 Current full-time P.D.S.B. students are eligible to be elected to one of the positions on The P.S.P.C. Executive Council.


6.1 The elected executive members that compose The P.S.P.C. Executive shall consist a

a) Chairperson

b) Vice-Chairperson

c) Director of Leadership Development

d) Director of Finance

e) Director of Records

f) Director of General Membership

g) Director of Public Relations

h) Director of Multimedia


6.2 The associated duties of each of The P.S.P.C.’s Executive Members

a. Chairperson

  • Shall act as official spokesperson and representative of The P.S.P.C.
  • Shall preside over all meetings of The P.S.P.C.
  • Shall establish an Agenda for all P.S.P.C. meetings and see to its circulation with sufficient notice to all Executive council members and teacher supervisors of the P.S.P.C. .
  • Shall work with the executive council and teacher supervisor(s) to establish and execute a yearly plan that satisfies the mission statement.
  • Shall work to execute on these objectives.
  • Shall confer with the Director of Finance, that financial information and records are accurately and correctly maintained.
  • Shall ensure that necessary revisions to the constitution are made on a yearly basis to reflect any changes to the council; shall ensure that this is done in a fair process.
  • Shall work with the Vice Chairperson to oversee, support and hold all members of the council accountable for their various roles and responsibilities; if any issue arises shall establish a plan of action with the assistance of the teacher supervisors.
  • Shall create a “Year in Review” document at the end of the year, that outlines the council’s progress from the year and future recommendations for the upcoming year(s).

b. Vice Chairperson

  • Shall assume the role of Chairperson in the absence of or by the decree of the Chairperson.
  • Shall assume the interim responsibilities of any vacant executive positions.
  • Shall establish a relationship with the Peel District School Board Student Trustees
  • Shall work collaboratively with the Peel District School Board Student Trustees and The P.S.P.C. executive  in order to actualize on the letter of intent for the formation of a Student Senate  
  • Shall work with the Chairperson to oversee, support and hold all members of the council accountable for their various roles and responsibilities.
  • Shall be responsible for working with the executive team, and teacher supervisors in order to create a calendar of events for the year.
  • Shall aid the Chairperson whenever required.

c. Director of Leadership Development

  • Shall promote and enhance the development of leadership amongst general members.
  • Shall keep the General Assembly up to date on any leadership opportunities.
  • Shall be the Executive member in charge of leadership conferences held by The P.S.P.C.

d. Director of Finance

  • Shall submit a projected budget to the Executive and teacher supervisor(s) prior to the commencement of any expenditures
  • Shall ensure proper maintenance of financial records and give regular financial reports to the Chairperson.
  • Shall oversee all financial matters regarding The P.S.P.C.
  • Shall be responsible for maintaining financial records and documents to be provided to the succeeding council.

e. Director of Records

  • Shall record minutes, which will include attendance, motions, decisions, and reports, at all P.S.P.C. meetings.
  • Shall process and distribute minutes from all The P.S.P.C. meetings.
  • Shall be responsible for the punctual uploading of online resources to be made available to all executive members and teacher supervisors.
  • Shall assist the Vice Chairperson in creating a yearly schedule.
  • Shall be responsible for aiding the Director Of General Membership in the collection of data
  • Shall be responsible for overseeing that election processes are fair and equitable.

f. Director of General Membership

  • Shall be responsible for organizing General Meetings with aid of the executive council.
  • Shall update the General Membership on the work of the executive council through updates following Executive meetings.
  • Shall collect information in regards to the representation of different age groups, schools, and cities in the general assembly.
  • Shall be responsible for working with the Director Of Public Relations in order to increase outreach to various schools, and attendance at general meetings.

g. Director of Public Relations

  • Shall design and implement marketing strategies through the term.
  • Shall utilize social media to ensure the distribution of various marketing paraphernalia.
  • Shall be responsible for providing a promotional plan ahead of every initiative held by The P.S.P.C.
  • Shall be responsible for working with the Director Of General Membership in order to increase outreach to various schools, and  attendance at general meetings.
  • Shall act as a primary contact between The P.S.P.C. and external organizations by maintaining verbal and written correspondence on behalf of the council.
  • Shall work with the Director of General Membership to act as a primary contact with external organizations and resources in particular for General Meetings.
  • Shall work with the Director of Leadership Development to provide general members with exposure to leadership opportunities outside of The P.S.P.C.
  • Shall contact and maintain relationships with secondary schools in the Peel District School Board.
  • Shall coordinate opportunities for the P.S.P.C. to communicate about its goals and initiatives.
  • Shall be responsible for the creation and distribution of announcements to be read in Peel Schools ahead of a P.S.P.C. event.
  • Shall be responsible for the development and execution of marketing strategies in Peel Schools.
  • Shall work with the Vice Chairperson to aid in communication with student trustees.

h. Director of Multimedia

  • Shall be responsible for the design of digital marketing paraphernalia.
  • Shall be responsible for the upkeep of The P.S.P.C.’s website.
  • Shall be responsible for the creation and uploading of any videos used by The P.S.P.C.
  • Shall be responsible for communicating with the Director of Public Relations to effectively market any P.S.P.C. events


7.1 The P.D.S.B. Student Trustees may attend any meeting of the executive  of The P.S.P.C., and shall aid in the planning and preparation for Student Senate

7.2  The P.D.S.B. Student Trustees should collaborate with The P.S.P.C. to aid in the collection of student voice.

7.3  The P.D.S.B. Student Trustees are the representatives of Peel Students to the Peel Board of Trustees.

7.4  The P.D.S.B. Student Trustees should be in regular contact with The P.S.P.C.

7.5 The Student Trustee must declare any conflict of interest.


The by-laws of the Peel Student President’s Council clarifies the organization’s operating procedure and is to be upheld in accordance with its constitution.


Teacher supervisor(s) will assist in this process in order to ensure that it is transparent, fair and equitable.


1.1.1 In order to be identified as a candidate for elections, the applicant must:

  • Submit a letter of intent addressed to The P.S.P.C. Executive Council.
  • Complete an interview deemed successful by The P.S.P.C. Council.

1.1.2 Election Overview (Appendix 1) details the election process.


1.2.1 To run in the elections for Director of Leadership Development, preference is given to candidates that have attended a P.S.P.C. leadership development program in any leadership capacity.

1.2.2 The P.S.P.C. Executive Council will endeavour to maintain an equal balance in regional and school representation in the selection of candidates.

1.2.3 To run in the elections for Director Of Multimedia, proficiency in graphic design, filming and video editing is required.

1.2.4 To run in the elections for Chairperson the candidate must have already served at least one year on The P.S.P.C.’s Executive Council. Should there be no eligible candidate, the chairperson shall be selected through the election process.    


1.3.1 The P.S.P.C. Executive Council shall ensure that a fair and democratic election procedure is followed, by upholding the following rules for elections:

1. All nominated candidates must make a speech up to three (3) minutes in length to be presented in person to The P.S.P.C.’s general assembly.

2. Any student from any Secondary School under the jurisdiction of the P.D.S.B. shall have the right to vote for the incoming P.S.P.C. Executive if present at the elections.

3. Each student submits their vote by secret ballot.

4.The candidate who has the most votes from the school gets the vote of the school.

a. If a tie within a singular school vote, each candidate is given an equivalent fraction of a vote from the school.

5.Votes are counted by the current P.S.P.C. teacher supervisors and observed by one outgoing executive member.

6. The elected candidate must receive the highest number of school votes cast.

7. If a tie results, with the only candidates, the current Executive Council will make a decision with a majority vote within the Executive.

8.The current P.S.P.C. Executive Council may not vote unless there is a tie.

9. If there is only one candidate for a position, the candidate must receive a vote of confidence from The P.S.P.C. General Assembly in order to be appointed. If the candidate does not receive the vote of confidence, the position would be filled at the discretion of the current Executive Council.

10. The term of office for all members of P.S.P.C. Executive shall be July 1 – June 30.


2.1 The P.S.P.C. Executive is responsible for motioning to make necessary amendments to the constitution or by-laws in order to reflect organizational changes, including but not limited to changes in: names of executive positions, roles and responsibilities of executive council members, or operating procedures. When doing so, they must follow this process:

1. The entirety of The P.S.P.C. Executive, and teacher supervisor(s) must review, discuss and reach consensus regarding any proposed change before it is brought to the general assembly.

2. If a general member has a proposition for an amendment it must be discussed amongst the executive before being brought to the entirety of the general assembly.

3. The Chairperson of The P.S.P.C. will speak to any proposed change before a vote is taken, explaining the reason for the proposed change.

4. The P.S.P.C. General Assembly shall amend the Constitution of The P.S.P.C. by the vote of 50%+1 where all General Members have a single student vote that contributes to the collective school vote.

5. Amendments can be made at any time throughout the year.

6. Proposed amendments by The P.S.P.C. Executive Council must be presented on The P.S.P.C. Council website ( at least a week before proposing the changes to the general assembly.






3.1 Situations in which a P.S.P.C. Executive Council member is failing to meet the requisite roles and responsibilities, the following rules must be followed:

1. A member of P.S.P.C. Executive shall forfeit their position if they cease to be a Secondary School student in the Peel District School Board.

2. If a position is not filled at the election, or if at any time a P.S.P.C. Executive position becomes vacant, The P.S.P.C. Executive shall, by means of election or appointment, fill the vacancy with a candidate who fills the criteria, within a month.

3. In the event that a P.S.P.C. Executive is unable or unwilling to fulfill his or her duties, any member of the council can approach the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson. From this point, the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will decide on an appropriate and reasonable course of action for the executive member in question under advisory from the council. The decision will made once 85 percent of the voting members, excluding the member in question, vote in favour of the course of action.

4. Members of the General Assembly that fail to abide by the Peel District School Board Code of Conduct at any time will be removed immediately from General Meetings and/or events hosted by The P.S.P.C. At the discretion of the executive council, the individual in question may be restricted from further P.S.P.C. events.


4.1 Shall work collaboratively in an advisory capacity to the P.S.P.C Executive Council.

4.2 At least one teacher supervisor must be present for any meeting of the general assembly.


5.1 The P.S.P.C. is responsible for the collection of Student Voice of P.D.S.B. students.  In order to better meet this mandate, future councils should seek to form a senate in  collaboration with the P.D.S.B. student trustees, aiming to provide a forum for student voice and consultation.     

5.2  This forum should allow P.D.S.B student trustees to represent student voice to the board of trustees in order to meet the P.S.P.C’s objective of representing P.D.S.B. students.